Flower Beds

This is a quick and easy tip for setting up flower beds around a house. It doesn’t involve making much – just placing items and filling in.

The first flower bed I tried was a nod to the way we did our own landscaping in real life. In both cases, I lined a bed with rocks to keep the soil and mulch in.


I began by laying out small river rocks to get a general idea of the shape I wanted for the beds. This step was actually the most time consuming because I wanted to get the positioning right. I would definitely recommend looking at front yard landscaping for ideas if you get stuck.


Once I had the general idea laid out, I set to work gluing each stone together with my E6000 glue. It was a bit like a puzzle to get all the rocks to fit together, but once it was done, I could pick up the entire row as one piece.


I found brown ballast at the hobby store that was just the right scale for mulch. The exact product I used can be found online here. I poured it into the rock boundaries until it was looking full. I wanted to seal the mulch the same way I did for the moss grass, but I wasn’t too successful; I think adding something to the ballast to make it all stick together would be better than trying to coat the top with varnish. I’ll experiment with this more later.


Ready for planting!

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