Plants and Shrubs: Part 1

I have two main methods for making plants and shrubs. Today, I will show the quick and easy one.

This method takes advantage of dried or plastic plants that you can find in the craft store. You can also source plants outside and hang them to dry, but be sure to follow proper techniques to kill any lingering pests so they don’t terrorize your town or mess up your work. The other key in this process is floral tape.

I start by snipping off the top of the plant I want to work with – about 3″ or so is usually enough. For plastic plants, you can pull the tops right off.
I cut off each individual leaf/piece. This applies to both plastic and real plants. After they are snipped, group them up and dab the bottom with some rubber cement.


After the cement dries for a few minutes, I stretch out some floral tape and wrap it around the bottom. Keep going and make a little extra tail of wrapped floral tape.


If you are using a foam base, it’s a good idea to put a small piece of wire in there. If not, you could just wrap it up tight with a shorter tail and glue it to your base as is.


That’s it! The tail can be bent and glued/wired into place, depending on where you want to plant your shrub. I’ve used this method with a lot of different types of plants (real, faux, flocked, smooth, delicate, sturdy), and it works like a charm. For fuller bushes, you can group several of these together and position them how you want.

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