Up until now, all of my tutorials have been for miniature landscaping and the outdoors. While that is my favorite thing to work on, I’d like to switch it up a little and do a few weeks of indoor tutorials. All of these will be based around the Sylvanian Families starter home, the Cozy Cottage.

Today, I would like to start with basic wallpapering. The Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families sites have free wallpaper downloads for the houses currently in production. I love that they offer this! It’s encouraging to do crafty, diy things to their products to make it more personal. However, I found that the template for the Cozy Cottage ran a little small. I wanted my wallpaper to go right up to the edges of the walls and the windows, so I tweaked their template file a little bit.


You are more than welcome to use the template I modified, and even modify it further to fit your needs. Here is the pdf I printed: wallpaper-cozycottage.pdf. Unfortunately, this limits you to using the wallpaper pattern I created, unless you cut them out and use them as a stencil on your own paper. If you would like the Adobe Illustrator file, send me a message or comment and I’d be more than happy to email it to you.


The easy step is cutting everything out. Since it is mostly straight edges, I recommend using a ruler and X-Acto blade, but scissors and a steady hand can do the job, too.


Once I have the basic pieces cut out, I fit them together on the house to see which piece goes where. Notice that the window holes are suspiciously absent.


I was having trouble with the angles and positioning of the windows on the file I used, so I scrapped it and decided to freehand them. With the paper pressed against the wall, I took a thin pencil and traced the outline of the window.


Then I removed the paper and used a ruler to mark off an additional 1/4 inch around what I had traced. The curve was carefully freehanded, but using a compass would help get it perfectly symmetrical.


Then I cut out the entire window using my X-Acto blade.


With the window cut, I checked to make sure the wallpaper covered just what I wanted it to. It looked good to me, so I coated the back of the paper with rubber cement and gently pressed it on the wall.

I like using rubber cement for Sylvanians because it peels off the plastic without damaging it.  I’m pretty confident I could remove all the modifications I’ve done to my Cozy Cottage and it would still be in good condition. I’m not sure why this is important to me, but it’s something I always keep in mind when working with store-bought items.

Anyways, repeat this process with each wall, and the house will be wallpapered in no time. My windows looked a little rough around the edges, but that didn’t phase me much – I knew next I would be making wood trim for them!

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